What it is.

All the different roles.

Pretending to be posh.

Pallet from the signs. Plus a nice A

(big letters are better to sign-write, not going to lie I wanted to show off a bit)

The A is to be used to make “Art”

Live, Laugh, Love

Saving up. Money, and other stuff.

I “heart”

The things we need to remember.

Also a C and I and and E to make “decide”

An “N” for think

This is nice, also she has a K for think and make

I am a vessel

For filling up vessels

What a nice vase…..

and an M for make and made

Who are these from?

In a gallery , in a shop, in a home.

context is all

Do you know what you are saying when you say that? what does it even mean?

Nothing to make a nice picture of and nothing to say.

ha ha, I didn’t really !! or did I??!!

The first thing I made.

Toilets, more important in the discourse than I thought they would be.

they do, that’s ok

boring spaces that could be full of lovely art.

Why, because its just good for you.

Horrified that my mothers handwriting seems to have emerged out of me. But its happened, so it stays

an M for made and make

The coffee shops at Tate in London keep all the other little baby Tate’s alive

Its surprising how a thing can become the thing if you pop it in a frame.

I bloody don’t. They are horrible. I like flow charts

Very much enjoyed doing the scratchy art. Always quite like the process of a kit, just not the image.

Do you like me? the relational as opposed to the aesthetic.

I am always saying that I always say this

just a fact

Yep. True

When the N.S.A.D. was going to emanate crafts into the world

I knitted a thing. started off thinking it would be a cession cover but I made a mistake first thing. Then made some nice patterns. Then tried to teach my self to make more impressive patterns. They are less impressive because they go wrong more.

The space reduces as the stiches are dropped.

How do I know how to do that? its not witchcraft, I just tried and then got better.

A gift for you. from the start. Seems fitting they remain.

Another looming picture, this time with the name. Its good to have options

The relational as opposed to the aesthetic. again

but it struck me as important